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Last Updated 07/13/19

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Survive ME

Basics and Gameplay

This is a Comic Game about survival. Finding food and clean water while keeping yourself well-rested and in good health will all be challenges you will face.

{Save the World} of Miolhr from the 6 overpowered DoJo leaders and all other challenges as you make your way through each Biome. However, there are also zombies that you may have to fight against! Thankfully, you are not alone in your plight. There are others in the same situation. Find them, and work together!
When looting and even venturing out you have a Survival chance mechanic that gives you odds of survival. This is helpful for deciding to sleep outside by a fire or looting a large building. Be careful with your choices as making the wrong one can get you or your teammates killed. With over 100 maps and 500 items (350+ items, Armor and Weapons to Craft) there is much to do. It will be a long night!!

Welcome to Miolhria!


Survive Your Own Story

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